TradeCorp – Intake

Apply at any stages to enhance shoot and white root growth

Intake is Organic Bio-stimulant from plant extract and amino acid. The main purpose of Intake is for following
  • Increase in white roots allows more nutrients to be absorbed from fertilisers
  • Apply little and often to minimise yield loss from stress
  • Decreases surface tension of water to ensure even application through foliar spray
  • Use as a foliar spray or for fertigation,
BenefitsEffect of Intake on Roots
  • Specific amino acids responsible for root development such as arginine, aspartic acid and methionine are included to stimulate root development
  • Quality of white roots is increased which enables absorption of more nutrientes
  • Better white roots increases resistance to drought, flood and adverse climate
  • Increases resistance to drought and flooding events
  • Amino acids have a natural biostimulant effect, increasing plant vigour
  • Crops ripen earlier, with better quality achieved through more even plant size
  • Plant stress is reduced during key growth stages such as leaf emergence, blossoming and fruit set

100% Soluble                No blocking of spray equipment

100% Bio-available     See immediate shoot and root results

CharacteristicsIntake Detail Info sheet :- Intake_IN
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