From the trees…back to the turf Terreplex is a carbon-rich acidifier derived from the lignin in trees.It is a natural organic polymer,fully biodegradable, non-phytotoxic,
non-corrosive, and economical for use on turf.

Lower bicarbonate levels while converting bound nutrients Elevated pH, bicarbonates, and harmful salts found in soil and water can interfere with plant development causing minerals to become bound in the soil and unavailable to turf. Terreplex  reduces bicarbonate levelshelping convert these bound minerals into plant-available forms while acting as a complexing agent to improve absorption.

A renewable carbon source Terreplex contains over three pounds of carbon per gallon — more than any other leading product — providing the energy source needed to stimulate soil microbial activity. Users can expect to see enhanced turf nutritional program efficiency, increased cation exchange capacity, and improved soil structure.

Benefits• Reduces bicarbonate and sodium levels • Increases Ca and S solubility • Adjusts soil pH levels • Provides a carbon source to stimulate microbial activity • Enables the release of nutrients bound up in the soil which may reduce fertilizer inputs • Improves air and water movement through the soil • Descalent for irrigation lines • Safe to handle
Features Research indicates that Terreplex can increase microbial activity on plant roots as illustrated in the above sequence. While bacteria (fluorescent green) are observed binding to the root of the control plant (left), a greatly increased number of bacteria are observed binding to the Terreplex-treated roots (right). The carbon sources in Terreplex stimulate increased microbial activity, leading to enhanced plant growth.
CharacteristicsApplication Considerations Terreplex is suitable for application on all warm- and cool-season grasses including golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, athletic fields, and sod farms, as well as ornamental landscape areas. Terreplex can be applied via irrigation systems or as a spray application and is not phytotoxic when used in accordance with the label. CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS Active Ingredients CONTENTS Volume Weight 1.0 Gal. (3.7 L) 8.5 Lbs. (3.8 kg) 2.5 Gal. (9.4 L) 21.2 Lbs. (9.6 kg) 5.0 Gal. (18.9 L) 42.4 Lbs. (19.2 kg) 30.0 Gal. (113.5 L) 254.4 Lbs. (115.4 kg) 55.0 Gal. (208.2 L) 466.4 Lbs. (211.6 kg) 260.0 Gal. (984.2 L) 2204.8 Lbs. (1000.1 kg)
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