TriCure Soil Surfactant Pellets

TriCure Pellets are formulated for use as a fast,convenient method of applying TriCureAD Surfac-tant through hose-end applicators to prevent and treat hydrophobic soils. Pellets are designed to dissolve quickly to allow fast application withchemical dosage sufficient to effectively treat and prevent hydrophobic soils. Pellets can be used as a supplement to regular water management programs or as a stand-alone method of treating soils.
TriCureAD and TriCure Pellets are non-phyto-toxic and will not burn or discolor grass.

For best results, use of TriCure Pellets should begin when daytime ambient temperatures reach 50-60°F (normally in early spring) or when the first signs of heat stress appear on turf.Pellets can be used with most Hose-end Applicators available through TriCureAD Distributors. Applica-tors are designed for use with a standard fan-spray
nozzle, and will fit a 1″ hose, or a 3/4″ hose usingan adapter. Nozzle type can be modified for variable spray patterns, but this may affect flow and dis-solution rates.Typically, pellets will dissolve fully in 8-15 minutes using a 1″ hose with 80-100 psi. The dissolution rate is determined by water pressure, flow rate, and water temperature. Each pellet is formulated to contain approximately 6 oz. of TriCureAD Surfactant, which
is sufficient to treat an average golf green of 6,000 ft 2 with 1 oz. of active ingredient per 1,000 ft 2.

Depending on soil type and climate, TriCure Pellets will give effective treatment for approximately one-two weeks, and can be applied as often as needed to maintain turf quality.

  • Effectively prevents and treats Localized Dry Spots • Enhances uniform penetration of water into soil profile. • Improves water flow through soil profile • Facilitates uniform distribution of water • Reduces run-off during irrigation and         rainfall • Improves irrigation efficiency • Enhances recovery of drought-stressed turf
Features For effective dew control, apply one (1) pellet per 6,000 ft2 of turf area. Control will last approximately one week depending on climatic conditions and frequency of cutting. Use TriCure Pellets in tough-to-wet areas as a supplement to regular spraying programs. Pellets can be used on any turf area. In difficult-to-wet areas, to get quick recovery of damaged turf, drench with ample quantity of water after applying pellets.
CharacteristicsStore in original container only. Keep pellets dry and away from source of direct heat and moisture. Dispose of containers according to state and local regulations. Keep lid on pellet tubes during storage. Prolonged exposure to air and sunlight can cause the pellets to dry out and crack. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CONTAINS NON-PLANT-FOOD INGREDIENTS Active Ingredient: 75% Oxirane 2-methyl polymer with oxirane Inert Carrier: 25% Water soluble binder Net Weight: 18 lb (8.16 kg)
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