TriCure Pellets

Fast and effective in controlling dry areas
TriCure Pellets have been recognized by superintendents for years as an effective
method of spot treating hydrophobic areas and curing localized dry spots (LDS).
The unique speed of dissolution and the strength of TriCure chemistry separate it
from competing products.

BenefitsBenefits of TriCure Pellets  Fast spot treatment for localized dry spots  Provides quick recovery for wilted turf  Reduces labor hours for hand watering  Can be used as a curative or preventative for reducing soil water repellency
Features Product Features  Six ounces of TriCure AD per pellet  Each pellet provides a one-to-two week               treatmentover a 6,000 ft 2 area  One pellet per green — easy application  Convenient containers with three pellets per tube  TriCure applicators for easy use  Recyclable containers (no plastic cups)
CharacteristicsSlow vs. Fast Melting Most surfactant pellets contain four to six ounces of active ingredient and take 45 to 60 minutes to dissolve through a hose-end applicator. This slow dissolution means very little active ingredient is released in the short amount of time typically spent syringing a single area. As a result, slow-melting pellets often deliver enough active ingredient to break the surface tension of the water, but not enough to treat the soil with a lasting benefit. TriCure Pellets, however, take only 10 to 15 minutes to dissolve. This faster melt time quickly releases the six ounces of TriCure AD in each pellet, allowing its proven active ingredient to be applied precisely where it is needed — to both reduce the surface tension of the water and simultaneously treat the soil.
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