SUSTANE 2•3•3 Concentrated Compost

Suståne Concentrated Compost 2-3-3 provides the benefits of a biologically stable aerobic compost rich compost in a easy to apply concentrated, dry form.
Concentrated Compost replenishes the soil with a rich supply of stabilized organic matter and essential nutrients required for quality growth.

BenefitsBenefits of Suståne Concentrated Compost • Provides the benefits of compost in a dry, concentrated form, which minimizes transportation and application costs • Fully composted, eliminating the need for sterilization permitting an optimal environment for beneficial microbial populations • Supplies soil with 50% stabilized organic matter • Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil • Improves and sustains soil quality • Improves buffering against changes in soil pH • Increases the soil’s cation exchange capacity • Improves soil structure, porosity and stability leading to greater root development • Pathogen and weed free. Minimal heavy metal concentrations ensures Suståne is safe for use world wide • Aerobic composting eliminates animal and rodent attraction to application site.
Features Low Carbon Footprint • Made from natural renewable agricultural resources, has a low carbon & greenhouse gasses (GHG) footprint. • Suståne complies with regulatory mandate and exceeds most health & safety standards. • The Suståne process avoids the generation of more significant greenhouse gasses such as methane and nitrous oxide. • With Suståne the energy required to transport is reduce 4:1 per kg. vs. wet compost. • Granulation simplifies handling allowing more accurate application and stays where applied.
CharacteristicsBlanket Application (no incorporation) Apply 3000-6000 lb. of Sustane Concentrated Compost on top of soil surface Broadcast Application (Incorporate into the top 2 – 4 in. of soil) For 60 lb. of N per acre apply 3000 lb. For 80 lb. of N per acre apply 4000 lb. For 120 lb. of N per acre apply 6000 lb. Remediation For bio-remediation, forest re-establishment and extreme situationsc where topsoil has been removed or badly damanged, incorporate 136 lb. per 1,000 ft2 into the damaged soil. Re-apply 60 to 90 days later at a rate of 68 lb. per 1,000 ft2 Preparation for Gardens, Landscapes andcAgricultural Crop Soil Preparation • Light, High Sandy Soil: 14 lb. per 100 ft2 of bed • Medium, Clay Loam Soil 10 lb. per 100 ft2 of bed • Heavy, Silty, Clay Loam 7 lb. per 100 ft2 of bed **NOTE: Adjust fertilizer program for local conditions and requirements  

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 2.0%
0.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.2% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
1.6% Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen*
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 3%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 3%
Calcium (Ca) 5%
Magnesium (Mg) 1%
Iron 0.5%

Total Plant Nutrition

Humic Acid 7.6%
Organic Matter 50%
pH 7.0
Carbon: Nitrogen (C:N) 9:1
Bulk Density lb./cu. ft 38
Moisture content 5%
% of Total N as Slow Release 80%
Electrical Conductivity <10dS/m
Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) 104 meq/100g
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