Monopoly Herbicide

Monopoly Herbicide is a post emergent herbicide containing 720g/L of the active ingredient MSMA. It is registered for the selective control of Crabgrass, Summergrass and Paspalum in turfgrass situations and control a range of problem grasses and burrs in non-crop situations.


BenefitsApplication rates are typically 6.6L/Ha in 400 – 1000 litres of water. Split applications of 3.3L/Ha in 400 – 1000 litres of water applied 7-10 days apart will reduce phytotoxicity. Weeds should be sprayed when they are young and actively growing. Repeat spray applications after 14 days may be necessary for difficult to control weeds. MSMA products may cause some yellowing and discolouration of turf even when used as per label recommendations. High temperatures will increase this phytotoxic effect. DO NOT use on Bent, QLD Blue Couch, Fescue, Blue Grass, Kikuyu or Dichondra as damage may result. With higher water volumes, the in-built surfactant within the formulation maybe too diluted to gain optimal results. Hence, a non-ionic surfactant such as Pro-Film 904 is recommended at the rate of 100 mL/100L of water. Temperature plays a role in Monopoly performance. For best results, application should be conducted when weather conditions are warm and dry, and when air temperatures are above 25°C. To limit phytotoxicity, use of Monopoly should be restricted when temperatures exceed 35°C.
Features Fast acting herbicide – Symptoms of weed control are generally evident within 7 days of application. • Formulation contains an In-built surfactant to assist in weed control. • Cost Effective form of grass weed control. • Good tank mix flexibility. • Now Available in 10L pack sizes for ease of handling. • drumMuster Compliant, meaning ease of disposal.
CharacteristicsMSMA is a foliar absorbed herbicide. It accumulates in root and leaf tips, where it rapidly kills leaf and stem tissue. MSMA has multiple sites of action within the plant (Group Z herbicide), however it is thought to impact on weed growth by interfering with ATP production (energy storage) and cell division (growth process). MSMA is typically more effective on grass weeds than broadleaf weeds. MSMA is generally rainfast within 3 hours of application and has partially systemic properties which allow it to move through the plant. Susceptible weeds generally turn yellow to brown 3-7 days after MSMA application.
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