FoliMAX Phosphite + can be used as a foliar and / or soil drench. For foliar
applications apply in a minimum volume of 800L of water per hectare. For soil targeted applications, irrigate following application with 3-6mm of irrigation or apply via a high volume nozzle (eg. fish-mouth) in a high water volume. Avoid mowing for 24 hours following an application.

BenefitsMIXING: Fill spray vessel with half the required volume of water. Shake container of Phosphite + and add required amount to spray tank while agitating. Add remaining water to the spray tank. Continue agitating during application. Wash out spray tank, including nozzles, immediately after use. STORAGE, HANDLING & DISPOSAL: Do not store below -16˚C, as crystallisation may occur. Do not contaminate lakes, streams, dams or ponds by cleaning equipment or disposal of waste. Avoid contact with eyes and skin by wearing appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, boots and safety goggles.
Features Nuturf shall not be liable for any loss, injury damage or death whether consequential or otherwise whatsoever, or howsoever arising whether through negligence or otherwise in connection with the sole, supply, use or application of this product. The supply of this product is on the express condition that the purchaser does not rely on Nuturf’s skill or judgement in purchasing or using the same and every person dealing with this product does so at his own risk absolutely. No representative of Nuturf has any authority to add to or alter these conditions.
CharacteristicsIn case of contact with eyes or skin, flush at once with large amounts of water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, drink large amounts of water and induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.
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