ADOB Calmag is a speciality fertiliser with high concentrations of
nitrogen (N; 13.5%), calcium (CaO; 16.7%) and magnesium (MgO; 6.0%).

BenefitsADOB® Calmag is a speciality fertiliser with high concentrations of nitrogen (N; 13.5%), calcium (CaO; 16.7%) and magnesium (MgO; 6.0%). Owing to a patented production process, ADOB® Calmag is characterised by several unique properties. The solubility of the product is 2.3kg/l at 20o C and its rapid and complete dissolution in water makes the nutrients quickly available to plants. The fertiliser is formulated as fully water-soluble, free-flowing flakes without any impurities.       As a result of  relatively low hygroscopicity, there is no risk of caking.                                                                                        ADOB® Calmag is an effective source of calcium, magnesium and nitrate-nitrogen.                                                                      The product is mainly recommended for foliar application, hydroponics and fertigation.
CharacteristicsADOB Calmag ensures quick and effective fertilisation of plants with macro- and secondary nutrients.                            Nitrogen is the main building block of proteins; it therefore plays a crucial role in plants’ vegetative growth and impacts yield productivity. The nitrate (NO3–) form of nitrogen in this product ensures its fast uptake by plants, resulting in quick deficiency correction.               Calcium is a structural component of cell walls. Its deficiency reduces the mechanical strength of plants and their resistance to pests and diseases, especially at the post-harvest stage. Magnesium is a crucial component of the chlorophyll molecule; it is therefore essential for optimal photosynthesis. It also enhances the catalytic activity of many enzymes by establishing a precise geometry between the enzyme and its substrate. ADOB Calmag enables growers to correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies quickly and eliminate the physiological diseases they cause. It contributes to firmness and uniform ripening in fruits and vegetables; it also extends their storage capacity and durability during transportation. The high concentration of nutrients in this fertiliser meets the needs of even the most demanding plants. It is recommended for preventive and corrective fertilisation of all crops.
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